We are nearing the end of summer of 2017. I saw a few leaves that had turned orange last week telling me that fall is around the corner, school supplies are front and centre in the stores reminding everyone that kids are going back to school in a couple of weeks and the parochial committee is nearing the end of their search for a new rector here at St. Matthew. As much as we often get bored when things stay the same we get apprehensive when we know change is coming.
Here at St. Matthew we are in a time of change. There have been storms and struggles, blessings and good fortunes throughout our history. Change can cause one to be nervous, questioning, afraid, maybe even at a loss as to what to think, but as individuals and as a parish we need to prepared to be uncomfortable, be brave, be creative, be bold. Yet in the midst of change, step out in faith comforted that you are not going alone; you have your faith, your community of disciples here at St. Matthew and knowing that Jesus is always here.