Are you feeling tired? Warn out? Fed up? At your wits end? Not sure of what to do next?
I bet that you are not alone. Actually, I know that you are not alone.

Every year the church gifts us with a unique forty day opportunity to reconnect, refocus and to repair. It is the season called “Lent” and it begins on Ash Wednesday (February 14 this year) and continues on until Easter Sunday (April 1st this year). Is there something ironic about these dates? Perhaps, but we can chat about that later. Today, I want to extend an invitation to you to take some time to be with your frustrations, your fears and your questions and to do so in a place where you are not alone.

For the next five Wednesdays at 10:00am and at 7:00pm there are special times of prayer at St. Matthew’s. Prayers for healing, for the world and for ourselves. The morning service will include Communion. The evening service will be by candlelight and will include time for silent prayer.

You are not alone. God’s light is shining upon you.

Praying that your Lenten journey will be holy and will bring you wholeness.